Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Denim with a Twist

Still inspired by the 70's style
I'm pairing my culotte with a bell shape sleeve denim top.

I love the the fact that an off shoulder top gives me a delicate silhouette that elongates my shoulder and neckline.

As a plus size with a rather large bust, sometimes it's tricky to wear an off shoulder top, you have to wear the right bra that can still support your uhmf-va-va-voom! (read:breast) without showing it straps on your shoulder, or else your bust will look like a baggy one ;(

So, my easiest trick on wearing an off shoulder top is that i wear my usual bra with straps and tighten the bra-straps then pull it aside right under the shoulder line of the top.

Yes, it sometimes feel kinda uncomfortable but i think a few adjustment can be done rather than wearing a strapless bra that sometimes can make our bust looked baggy.

So, let me know what you think of this trick, or maybe if you have your own trick on wearing an off shoulder top :)

Renee Tan

Denim Top by H&M
Culotte by Bigedgylicious
Beret hat by Pomelo
Mini Safiano Messenger bag by Michael Kors
Wedges by Forever21

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pastel Mood Outfit

2016 Pantone Color is all about blush pink and pastel.

So, Here i am trying to reflect the blush pink pantone color into my own interpretation.

Playing with a light color and no black color i shown which is rarely a view in my outfit palette.

But it turns out pretty ok tho! Plus size can look awesome and girly too in light pastel color :)

The key is in the Proportion and Fitting!

Find the perfect fitted pastel top or bottom, for me it is better to wear a light pastel top, because i have a larger bottom body shape, so i chose a slightly darker pastel color which is a light grey pleated skirt, and tucked in my top so it can accentuate my waist line.

Here is my inspiration color palette for this look :)

For my make up inspirations you guys can also find it on Zalora  

LT Pro indonesia in Zalora has so many new shades that i love on Matte lip cream and eye shadows.

Renee tan

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hats Up!

One of my on-the-go items that i usually carry is a Hat !
Oh! and don't forget to wear em on your OOTD to elevate your total look.

i love wearing hat so much, because not only it'll make you stand out among the others, it'll also make you look more stylish :p

Here are some tips and tricks on how to pull off on-the-trend hats.

1. Brim Hat

Brim hat is one of the most seen hat on every blogger's OOTD,
Yup! because of its large brim, this type of hat usually fit to just every shape of faces. 
There are many types of brim hats with the variety of the brims wide itself, i got mine from My Boyfie as my Christmas Present, but you can get this hat on H&M :)

2.  Beanie Hat

Beanie is on the trend nowadays, though i'm actually are not really a typical beanie kinda girl
So i chose to buy a light pink beanie from Forever21 
When wearing beanie, i prefer to fold it a little around my head and Swag it ! it actually works for my face shape, which is a heart shape and a little chubby ;)

3. Bowler Hat

Bowler hat is also a pretty easy hat to pull off with, the tips on choosing one is first you have to try it on, choose the one that fits your head right, not too wide though and also wear it a bit diagonally positioned to the back of your head and show your pretty bangs! it's important to place your bangs correctly when wearing a hat :)

This one is also form Forever21

4. Beret Hat

As you guys see on my previous blog, i have been obsessing over beret hat.
It'll likely be on the scene on my more and upcoming OOTD :)
My trick on wearing em is to pull it a little to the side, i prefer to pull it align with the direction of my bangs.
i got this black one from Pomelo

My number 1 tips on how to pull off hats is to always takes care of your hair :)
even though i'm planning on to wear hat that day, i always wash and styled my hair beforehand, So that the hat can be a complementary accessories that elevate my looks, but the real diamond is your HAIR, babyy!!!

Renee Tan

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

HNY 2016!

Happy new year people!
It's 2016 already, Thanks for keep supporting my blog and Thanks for always being in my journey

Here it is my first look on 2016! Still in the mood of some Mod Look😎
And Maroon had been my power color, Yeayh!


Beret Hat from Stradivarius
Turtle Neck Top from New Look
Maroon A-Line skirt from New Look
Lace up Flats from The Little Things She Needs

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time to Shine with Marina Smooth & Glow UV! [ Review ]

I had good news for you girls!
Marina has launched their newest Basic Make Up product Marina, Smooth & Glow UV last Tuesday
Stay tune to see my review <3


Here are some pictures from the Product Launching Event.

This is what i wore on the event launching, the dress code was Pink & Silver

Top from J.crew
Skirt from Zara
Heeled sandals from Forever21
Bag from New Look

So, i got a loveliest gift box including the 4 products of Marina, Smooth & Glow UV from the event launching
and i'm gonna spill you my reviews.

The Four products are Two Way Cake, Compact Powder, BB Cream dan Powdery Foundation. This product series enriched with natural microfine powder, * vitamin c, mulberry and spf 20 pa + + that makes our skin face looked smooth, enlighten and protected so that it can shines naturally.

Foundation is one of the most important thing you should notice if you want to have a flawless make up look. So, i take my foundation routine seriously.

First things first, i tried the BB Cream and apply it evenly onto my face, at first it will look like a bit thick for a BB cream and  make your face color slightly darker, but give it a 10-15 minutes leave on your face and Voila! the BB cream will blend naturally with you skin face.

I personally think the BB Cream has a high coverage effect on my skin, oh! and i love the smell of it. the first time applying it, i love how the BB Cream has a sweet fragrance <3

The next step, i applied the Two-way Cake Powder on top of my BB Cream, it gave the matte effect on my skin at first but then it helped my make up to stay compact ,smooth and last longer.

This is what the BB Cream and the Two-way Cake Powder looks like on my face after 30 minutes after finishing my other make up.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the products especially with the BB Cream and the Two-Way Cake Powder , it makes my skin smooth and bright and also it lasts flawlessly for almost 8 hours!

But take notice that with these high coverage foundation products, a proper cleansing is a must!!

So, that's all my review for Marina, Smooth & Glow UV  wajah cerah, halus, terlindungi untuk tampil bersinar!

Find out more about Marina here :

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Culottes Season

I'm back with this season's must have trend , Culottes!
i have my cross-over culottes from Bigedgylicious
So, here are my 3 ways to wear culottes!

For my first look, i mix the cross-over culotte with my favorite white lace crop top.
I'm going with a simple clean look.

White Lace Crop Top by H&M
White Heel Sandal by New Look

And for my second look, i'm combining my culottes with a stripe top and white sleveless vest.
Well, culottes and a sleveless vest is my power combo!
This look is kinda more like a city girl look ;)

Stripe Top by H&M
Sleeveless Vest by Forever21
Leopard Sling Bag Stradivarius

For my third and last look, i'm combining it with a fringe off shoulder top,
add a choker and Voila! i have my boho grunge look :)

Off Shoulder Top by New Look
Hat by Forever21
Black Platform Heels by New Look

That's my 3 looks to wear culottes,
give it a shout and share me your look,darls!

xoxo, Renee Tan

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A girl's best friend | Jewelry by ORORI

Today's blog is about jewelry, yes! A girl's best friend.
Introducing sebagai pelopor perhiasan online di indonesia yang berdiri sejak tahun 2004, seiring berkembangnya dunia digital , pada tahun 2012 Orori mengambil langkah berani dengan menutup toko fisik dan fokus dalam penjualan online yang lebih praktis dan efisien.

Orori merupakan penjual perhiasaan online pertama dan satu-satunya di Indonesia, they sell many types of jewelry like engagement ring, diamond ring and also real gold.


Orori also has a "Design my own" feature for you who wanted to designed your own engagement ring by online, this feature helps a lot for all of you who wanted something special for your own or your loved ones.

I visited their office last week and i'm blown away with their rooftop!
Here is a closer look of  the Gold Bracelet and the Diamond Pendant

They also have a jewelry cleaner so now you can always make sure that your jewelry stays clean

My favorite one, The Heart shape diamond ring

For more information :

Outfit Details :

White Sleeveless Dress by Forever 21
White Lace Crop Top by H&M
Pleated Skirt by Uniqlo
White Heeled Sandals by New Look